We specialise in all aspects of pebble dashing, with a wide range of spar chippings and aggregates.

  •  Pea Shingle
  • Canterbury Spar (red and white)
  • Yellow Spar (6mm and 10mm)
  • Perm White
  • Westbere spar (black and white) 
  • Flintag (black)
  • Rendered plinths


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                                      Alan: 07707 500 132


                       Email: pebbledashing24@yahoo.co.uk



                                       The functions provided by a pebble dash finish include:

                          Improved water shedding properties

                          Gives good impact resistance

                          Provides a low maintenance decorative finish

                          Protects the substrate

                          Gives architects and designers a wide choice of colour and texture